KVG Dental College and Hospital, Sullia,to cope with the untoward sudden lockdown caused due to COVID-19 Outbreak have established online portals for teaching and sharing knowledge. The study materials for the students areuploaded to the Student’s portal in the college website on 20/03/2020. UserIDsand Passwordsfor the same aresent to each studentto ensure continued and uninterrupted learning process.OnlineClassrooms aresetup using Google classroom app to send study materials, handouts, assignments and feedbacks. Regular online classes areinitiated from1/04/2020under Online teaching project (OTP) as per the University guidelines. PG online seminarshave also commenced using the same application.

The following applications are used for the same:

e- Under graduate learning

Online learning project
Learning materials delivered
Continual education for interns

e- Post graduate learning

Journal clubs