Oral Pathology and Microbiology

Oral Pathology and Microbiology is the speciality of Dentistry that performs histopathological evaluation of specimens relating to oral and perioral tissues, and carries out diagnostic procedures including haematological, cytological and microbiological investigations. The Department provides adequate knowledge to the undergraduates on development, structures and functions of the teeth, jaws and supporting tissues in the orofacial region and adequate knowledge of anomalies, lesions and diseases affecting the orofacial region and the importance of etiology and pathogenesis in oral disease.

Post graduates are trained so as to ensure higher competence in both general and special pathology dealing with the nature of oral diseases, their causes, processes and effects.

Sl. No Faculty Name Designation
1 Dr. HarishchandraRai Professor & HOD
2 Dr. Shaila M         Professor
3 Dr. Anita Dayakar Reader
4 Dr. CharanKaje Reader
5 Dr. Supriya H K Sr. Lecturer
6 Dr. Suhasini P D Sr. Lecturer
7 Dr. Yoganath H N Tutor
8 Dr. Dhanyashree K B Tutor
9 Dr. Disha R Rai Tutor
10 Dr. DeekshithShetty K Tutor


  • Research room equipped with state of the art research microscope with Multihead attachment and LCD screen connection ,with Dark field microscopy, Phase Contrast microscopy and Polarizing microscopy also available.
  • Well equipped laboratory with semi –automatic microtome.
  • Separate pg room with individual microscope facility
  • Seminar room with latest projector
  • Department library and computer room with internet facilities
  • Sterilization room .
  • Separate Patient examination clinic and haematology room with patient waiting area.
  • Separate immunohistochemistry and microbiology lab.
  • Department museum
  • Separate undergraduate practical room
  • The department of Oral Pathology and Microbiology deals with the confirmatory diagnosis for the biopsy specimen which is been sent to the department.
  • Blood investigations like HB%, BT, CT, ESR, TC, DC and Blood grouping are done routinely free of cost.
  • Exfoliative Cytology and Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology is carried out on a routine basis.
  • Our department is equipped with Dental Chairs with required attachments which will enable us to check the clinical presentation of the disease in the patient’s Oral Cavity and also helps us to withdraw blood from patients.
  • Our laboratory equipments are advanced that will enable us to perform through examination of Blood and Saliva etc.
  • We have advanced equipments for processing of biopsy specimen and Research Microscope which will aide in diagnosis.
  • Faculty – Dr.Charan Kaje
  1. Received best local branch secretary award at 41st state dental Conference held at Madikeri in 2013.
  2. Received best local branch president at 67th National dental Conference held at Delhi in February 2015.                               
  3.  Received best local branch president at 43rd state dental  Conference held at B.C Road in December 2015
  • Doctoral / post doctoral fellows
  1. Haishchandra Rai. was awarded Phd degree from Pacific University Udhaipur
  2. Shaila .M. was awarded Phd degree from NITTE university
  • Students
  1. Sunil Martin Stevens of 2009 batch bagged 10th Rank in Oral Pathology in the year 2011-2012
  2. Aparna .K. OF 2010 Batch bagged 4th Rank in Oral Pathology in the year 2012-2013
  3. Salma Majeeda Ottakath bagged 9th Rank in Oral Pathology in the year 2012-2013



CDE on Biopsy
CDE and Workshop on Immuno Histo Chemistry
CDE on Forensic Odontology
CDE on Polymerase Chain Reaction