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About Us

We are aimed at providing the knowledge, skills, and attitude for future dentists to put their best foot forward into healthcare. Our high standards of education ensure that the student is ready to take on career success and follow their commitment to the dental health of people.


The luminaries in the field of dentistry guide the students to learning and giving the best outputs.


Our infrastructure assures that the students have access to all the facilities that are required for them to emerge as successful dentists.

Faculty Achievements

We only hire the faculty whose achievements inspire the students to outdo themselves.


Oral and maxilofacial surgery

Prosthodontics and crown and bridge

Conservative dentistry and endodontics




Our College Features

Sports and culturals

We ensure the overall well-being of our students. Extracurriculars are essential for the all-around development of the students.

Research and collaborations

We bring in the best in the field of dentistry to help support our students and inspire them to unravel some new solutions.


We have many successful dentists who have graduated from our institute.

Our Dentists

Here are some dentists who are experts in their field.

Craig M. Pearson


Christine A. Kenney


Eric H. Lieberman


Allied Courses

Check out the other courses related to the field of dentistry.


Diploma in Dental Mechanics


Diploma in Dental Hygiene

We Are A Full Service Dentistry Practice

Apart from being a dentistry institute, we also provide dentistry services. Do visit us to experience the best oral health.


I love the faculty here. They are so kind and ensure that you do well in the tests.

Tanya A. Welling

I had visited this place for my tooth extraction. They had ensured that I was comfortable. I recommend them.

Mark C. Gable

If you want to learn from the best, join this institute.

Ann L. Meade

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